The First Montenegrin Symposium on Graphs, Informatics and Algebra

MESIGMA is a symposium that brings together researchers from several fields of mathematics and informatics.

As the scientific basis for MESIGMA is widely set, we consider it to be a stimulating framework for connecting various mathematical disciplines. Therefore, MESIGMA is intended to be a little, pleasant socializing with conversations about mathematics, and connecting different ideas…

Invited speaker:

Prof. dr Ivan Gutman

Basic topics of the symposium:
  • Graphs 
  • Informatics
  • Аlgebra

September 15 – 19, 2018.

A detailed seminar program can be found on this link. (to be announced)


The accommodation of all participants will be in the extraordinary hotel “Magnolia” (∗∗∗∗) in Tivat.

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More information about Hotel Magnolia can be found at

Basic information:
  • accommodation in a single bed room with breakfast – 65 euros per night
  • accommodation in a double room (bed and breakfast – 45 euros per night
  • additional meal allowance – 7 euros
Early registration – until June 15th
  • Registration fee – 120 euros.
After June 15th
  • Registration fee – 150 euros.

The deadline for registration is July 31st.

The price of the entry includes: free transfer from airport to hotel and back, two coffee breaks daily during the seminar, conference material, as well as gala dinner.


Payment of the hotel accommodation can be made upon arrival.

How to get to Tivat?

Detailed info how to get to Tivat,  inssurance, currency, visa policy… can be found on this link.

Organizing and Scientific Committee
  • Riste Skrekovski
  • Zana Kovijanic Vukicevic
  • Djordje Baralic
  • Vladimir Bozovic
  • Goran Popivoda
  • Lazar Obradovic
  • Aleksandra Tepeh